Our crew


Mario Kundih

With over two decades of maritime experience, Mario effortlessly declares that "sailing is their passion, and the sea is their life." Throughout the last twenty years, skills have been diligently honed and advanced career while joyfully imparting this passion to others. Possessing all pertinent and elevated certifications, including the D2 Basic Safety (STCW) and MCA/RYA Yacht Master Offshore (UK), their qualifications speak volumes.

Personal Qualities:

  • Reliability, ambition, and profound passion
  • A personable, yet professional approach, characterized by a calm demeanor
  • A profound love for the underwater world, encompassing diving, fishing, and nature appreciation
  • A wealth of knowledge across all facets of sailing coupled with a natural teaching aptitude
  • Exceptional organizational, teamwork, and communication skills
  • A genuine passion for music, having attended music school for five years and a personal affinity for Blues and Jazz
  • Culinary enthusiast with a particular love for crafting fresh Mediterranean cuisine and an extensive knowledge of "gourmet gems" along the Adriatic Coast
  • A relentless commitment to continuous learning, upskilling, and advocating for all aspects of the nautical industry

Skipper/Sailing Experience:

  • 2021: Coordinated and organized extensive repair and maintenance works following substantial damage from a lightning strike, demonstrating exceptional networking with technical support for LAGOON and SUNREEF in Croatia and the Mediterranean.
  • 2020: Led skippering ventures across the Amalfi Coast and Tyrrhenian Sea, Sicily, Italy.
  • 2006 – 2013: Demonstrated skippering expertise across the Ionian Sea, Cyclades, Saronic and Argolic Gulf, and Dodecanese islands in Greece.
  • 2012: Guided skippering expeditions along the Amalfi Coast and Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy.
  • 2009: Completed RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Yacht Master Offshore training in the United Kingdom's Solent region.

Regattas - The Most Thrilling Moments:

Team member in notable regattas such as FARR 80 (2014) and VOR70 (Volvo Ocean Race boat - Green Dragon) in 2016, including participation in the exhilarating Jabuka Regatta events.

Team Building Regattas:

Professional skipper and organizer of numerous team-building regattas, showcasing expertise in fostering collaborative environments.

Personal Future Goal:

To Sail Around the World!

In Short:
With a sea-faring commitment exceeding 200 days per year, their mantra encapsulates, "sailing is their passion, and the sea is their life.»


Miroslav Lisica

Possessing adaptability and effective communication skills, Miroslav thrives in diverse working environments, excelling both as a collaborative team member and a self-sufficient contributor. Their willingness to assist others is a testament to their cooperative spirit.

Key Attributes:

  • Demonstrates versatility and adaptability, navigating through various work settings seamlessly.
  • Communicates effectively, fostering positive working relationships within teams and while working independently.
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines and excel under pressure, showcasing resilience and composure.
  • Exhibits strong leadership and managerial skills, drawing from valuable organizational and leadership experiences.
  • Showcases artistic prowess, particularly in the realm of food decoration and carving, adding a creative touch to their skill set.
  • Displays an avid interest in diverse sports and maintains a penchant for reading, reflecting a well-rounded and dynamic personality.


Hana Petrušaj

Having completed high school in Zadar, Hana is currently a graduate student at the University of Zadar. Sailing has been a lifelong passion, initially pursued as a hobby and later evolving into a profession they deeply love. With over 8 years of experience in the bustling yacht industry, they have proven themselves to be a quick learner and a natural multitasker.
Distinguished by their commitment to high customer service standards and a disciplined work approach, they stand out in the industry. Their journey in the workforce began at the age of 15, showcasing a strong work ethic in various roles. A significant life-changing chapter unfolded when they worked abroad, spending six months in Chicago (USA) within the service industry. Further, they served as a customer service representative at Statistics NZ in New Zealand.
These diverse experiences exposed them to multicultural environments, nurturing adaptability to a wide range of situations and tasks. Renowned for their reliability, responsibility, communication skills, and ambition. Her professional aspirations include pursuing additional education and training to further enrich their skill set.