Our Professional Crew

Boris Vrhovac

     Boris was born 1979 in Zagreb, Croatia 

and was introduced to sailing in the early childhood by his parents. Following the natural skill and passion, Boris has started working as a skipper at the age of 19, promptly developing his skills and flawless reputation throughout the industry.


In 2009 Boris has completed his MCA/RYA Yacht Master Offshore based in the Solent, UK and received D2 Basic Safety (STCW) Certificate. In addition to extensive experience in yacht deliveries worldwide, his previous yachts include Privilege 585, Carver 50, Lagoon 560, and Lagoon 620.

Aside from having a calm, friendly personality, Boris is a sport enthusiast and a true food and wine connoisseur. For his guests, he is always available to discuss the best places to visit and ensure their safety onboard, while having a great time!

He is fluent in English and can keep up the conversation in French.

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Hostess Marija Sinata photo.jpeg

Marija Juretic

Marija is coming from the beautiful old town 
 of Split, where she has naturally fallen in love with the sea from a very early age. After graduating from the University of Economics 
 in 2016, Maria has decided to explore her passion and joined the crew on a luxury motor yacht. 


Since then, she has committed to perfecting 
 the skill of hostessing and yearly upgrades 
 her knowledge with additional specialisation courses abroad.

Maria is undoubtedly talented when it comes 
 to working in teams and always strives to provide the highest level of service to the guests.


Regular CrossFit practices, as well as Marias sincere interest in nutrition and holistic lifestyle, compliment her positive and outgoing character.


Dragan Dragojlovic

Dragan has been enriching the hospitality industry with his presence for the last 20 years. Holding the positions of chef and sous-chef in a number of highend restaurants, he has perfected the cooking skill and has grown into a true visionary genius. 


Aside from being an outstanding chef by all means, Dragan has a special emphasis on food styling, which he also teaches though a number of trainings and courses offshore.

He is also a crew Chef & Assistant Quartermaster at Celebrity MasterChef TV show. Having Dragan as a Chef onboard makes all the difference. 


He is creative, attentive to details and very responsive to even the most demanding wishes of each guest.



Seafood Main Course

  • Shark tempura & green beans with toastes hazelnuts

  • Black cuttlefush risotto

  • Sesame Tuna & asparagus with balsamic pearls

Meat Main Course

  • Aromatic herbs crust lamb chops & fennel gratine

  • Rib-eye steak salad

  • Orange duck breast & pumpkin pure with caramelised onions


Vegetarian Main Course

  • Ravioli with butter sage & pamesan

  • Aubergine parmigiana


  • Roasted almond and mango tart

  • Opera cake

  • Pistacchio - raspberry - white chocolatte cake